Re: Meridian Flip Feature Yet?


On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 12:06 PM, Ray Gralak wrote:
First, as Roland pointed out, there is a way to do the pier flip from the hand controller.
Hi Ray, that's great news then. I'm using a 1600GTO with a GTOCP3 using the latest software 4.19.3. How do I do a simple pier flip please? What is the keypad path? I tried using +- and pressing 9, as per Rolando's instructions, but it doesn't do anything.

Many of the other mount manufacturers have hard pier stops, so they cannot go more than a certain angle past the meridian. Which German Equatorial mounts have you used that provide a pier flip feature and can also allow tracking a telescope 360 degrees under the pier, provided no pier collision would take place?
Hard pier stops and tracking past the meridian or 360 degrees past the meridian are very different features than what is being requested here Ray. I am chasing a simple pier flip feature, nothing more. For my imaging needs, I rarely use tracking past the meridian, however it is great to have. Just chasing a simple pier flip feature like all these other mounts out there have. Whether those mounts can track past the meridian or not means nothing to me, however I acknowledge AP mounts offer great range past the meridian, but that doesn't negate the need for a simple pier flip function either. It is like you are saying, but we've got other features. Those features will satisfy other users that don't need to pier flip like I do, but like I've said in this thread a few times, that my pier flip requirement has nothing to do with the meridian. I'm just chasing the same simple functionality as other brands offer, nothing more. I've been pier flipping since the late 90's with one or two presses of the keypad. I don't understand why this is so elusive. I think there is a strong sentiment that because AP mounts can track past the meridian, that pier flipping is not really required then, but that couldn't be more misguided IMHO. There are a dozen reasons that do not include the meridian's position as to why you'd want to flip to the other side, and this is why other brands have offered this simple and dedicated pier flip feature for over two decades. The idea that pier flipping is meridian based is strongly misguided.

My feedback here is only to strengthen AP. If a simple pier flip cannot be done with my mount, then I see a gaping hole in functionality, and friendly feedback like this is hopefully how AP improve their products.

Ray / Rolando, hopefully you guys are correct and I can perform a simple pier flip without having to try and trick the mount into thinking where the meridian may be. Looking forward to learning how to do that. 

Raymond D Palmer
Western Australia

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