Re: Initial GoTo In APCC Pro Cause Nose or Tail Dive


Aloha Ray,

  Yes sir, that FIXED IT!!  Thank you and sorry about all the confusion and trouble!

  I was logged onto this forum earlier, but missed the '2nd page'

  Via apcc, after connecting, manual slews worked with no problem, the dec coordinates display.  Tried a goto to Deneb and no problem!  I disconnected and reconnected again and
everything is good!  Never touched the 'find home button.'    Other than the sidereal tracking rate, I'm not seeing the  "extremely high tracking rate"  that you mentioned.

  I did have the ascom platform 6.5 installed a month or two ago, and Howard got me squared away with that (ie un-install it and use ver 6.4).  I haven't got to the point of
actually using the modeling module yet.  However, I was in the modeling tab last week to look around and I guess I must have enabled the pointing and tracking modeling.options
(when basically there was no 'real' model to use).  Thanks again for all your help!!  I'll be more careful


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