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Don Anderson

will the new keypad software work on GOTO CP3 V chip?

Don Anderson

On Sunday, December 27, 2020, 09:04:33 a.m. MST, Roland Christen via <chris1011@...> wrote:

The original keypad has only the meridian delay feature. You can move the meridian flip point either east or west so when you enter the object again and press GoTo, the mount will flip around and acquire the object in a counterweight up position. Since this requires some thinking on the operator, it becomes a bit of a problem trying to choose which way to move the meridian in order to get the mount to flip.

So, in our latest keypad software release, which was first introduced in the Mach2 and will be available shortly for all the other mounts, we have added a simple button push which automatically flips the mount and sets the meridian delay appropriately.

The main reason we never had it before is because it is way too easy to crash the scope into the pier by just pressing a flip button when the scope does not have enough clearance on the other side under the mount. So, in trying to keep your equipment safe, we made it a bit harder for you in the past and probably gave you the impression that we just didn't know how to do some things that other companies have done for a long time. We fixed that now with our latest software, so you will be able to flip the scope back and forth as needed with just one button push.


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Hi Chris, 

I appreciate your feedback, but nope, I am not new to astrophysics mounts. There are many brand mounts out there that have a meridian flip feature. You hit one or two buttons and she flips. Many mount owners, due to their observatory or environment, may only need to flip once the object they are imaging passes the meridian, and AP has developed a mount that can track for many hours past the meridian. 

I need to flip due to the angle of my dome slit, neighbors trees, observatory door, etc. On a mount as advanced as an AP, there should be a simplistic function that tells the mount the flip immediately without trying to trick it into thinking it has hit the meridian, this is quite standard on many of the mount brands you mention. It kind of blows me away that this feature has to be sold on here. If you've always had an environment where meridian flips are not required unless hours have passed since hitting the meridian, then I understand your feedback. But for those of us that need to flip the mount before even hitting the meridian, its a different world. 

Raymond D Palmer
Western Australia

Roland Christen

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