Re: Precise polar alignment of the azimuth axis


Aloha Steven and Deonb,

  Yes, I have been using the Sharpcap polar align tool and really like it.  And I understand what all is going on now with the az and alt (ie 2 star)
drift alignment.  I'm going to try the PHD2 drift align next and then try another drift align with just a camera (no other software).  And then compare
these various techniques (as what Deonb is doing)...

  I'm kind of curious to see how PHD2 and SharpCap compare (as to what each one is reporting in the way of polar align error).  And then try Roland's method.
I'm sure either method is fine, especially if a little modeling is thrown in afterwards.  Just curious at trying a few different techniques more than anything else.  And I
still need to look into that SharpCap cone error business!

  I was able to get 8 mins unguided exposures the other night in the Pleiades region and ran out of time to try 10 mins.  I did get 10 mins on either Deneb or Sadr,
(on a different night) but you could tell some oblong stars were creeping in to the mix.  One 12 min exposure showed definite oblong stars.  But all without modeling!


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