Re: Meridian Flip Feature Yet?


Hi Roberto,

I don't think that is what Rolando was referring to. That is a work around that tries to trick the mount into thinking it has hit the meridian. Your settings also may cause the mount to forget its location if the mount is not set back to 0W before powering off. I am looking for the one touch solution, where you hit a button and it flips (like a ton of other mounts do). AP's engineering is the best across the industry in IMHO, but it desperately needs a meridian flip feature. Playing with the settings to trick the mount to flipping is not a meridian flip feature. Note that I don't need a meridian flip because of the meridian's position. Note that the instructions make no reference to a "meridian flip" anywhere when searching for that search term, all they have is "meridian delay" (This is not a meridian flip feature). 
Raymond D Palmer
Western Australia

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