DEC Motor stalls on new Mach2GTO

Luca Marinelli

Today I replaced the Mach1 in the observatory with the new Mach2 I received a few days ago. I have a Tak FSQ106 mounted on the Mach2 and it balanced without any problems. I tested a slew and everything worked fine. I then started to set up the Meridian limit in APCC Pro and after sending the scope to the Southern horizon (-15 degrees DEC) I started experiencing motor stalls. The mount makes a whirring/grinding noise when trying to slew in DEC and APCC communication window shows motor stall condition. The light on the CP5 turns amber. I measured the voltage out of the power supply and it is correct (24.94V). I also replaced the power supply with the power supply i used with the Mach1 and the same thing happened. To test the motor cable, I swapped DEC and RA cables and the fault was still on the DEC axis. I removed the telescope and tried slewing the empty mount in DEC, to no avail (motor stalls). 

APCC Pro version:
CP5 firmware: VCP5-P02-08
Encoder version: A02-08

Is there anything obvious I am missing?



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