Re: Interesting Mach2 Behavior on Cloudy Nights

Don Anderson

Wow! Just setting it up must have been quite a chore. I suppose you have to wash dishes for a week after taking this picture.
Merry Christmas to you and Marg and the rest of the crew at AP.

Don Anderson

On Thursday, December 24, 2020, 05:04:19 p.m. MST, Roland Christen via <chris1011@...> wrote:

Well, I couldn't resist. Here's a pix of the setup with the caveat of WHAT NOT TO DO!

It's a 155EDF on top of a 160EDF, each has CCD cameras and Quad TCC hand grenades. The two scopes weigh ... I don't really know. The goodie bag on the end of the counterweight shaft holds another 10lb weight because I ran out of shaft length. Total cwt = 3x 14lb plus 5x 10lb plus 1x 5lb. (yes it tracks and slews just fine, but a bit boingy if you bang on it).
I set this up to test the QuadTCC with the 155EDF scope for a customer request, but didn't want to disturb my 160 setup which I am using for a winter imaging project.

Do Not try this at home upon pain of death from Marj!!! (my death mostly) Disappointed


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Marj has forbidden me from taking a pix of this setup! Upon pain of death and worse. Flushed


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On Thu, Dec 24, 2020 at 12:32 PM, Roland Christen wrote:
Right now I have my Mach2 loaded with two 6" refractors, one on top the other, and all the heavy camera gear and counterweights galore, which is in the no-no zone. Just to make sure that these kinds of loads work in a stable and accurate manner (and because I like to do crazy stuff)  Stuck out tongue closed eyes

We want a picture of that! :D

Roland Christen

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