Re: Interesting Mach2 Behavior on Cloudy Nights


On Thu, Dec 24, 2020 at 08:20 AM, Roland Christen wrote:
Well, posting to CN won't fix things. If the poster contacts us, we can patch into his controller, see what version of software he has and the settings, and actually watch it do the tracking. I don't understand why people post problems on CN without first contacting the manufacturer.
I'm the dope who originally posted this on CN :). I wasn't specifically posting it as a problem. It was more like a "hey cool, this mount can track for 10 minutes at 2800mm without guiding!", and "here's what I did" post. I loaded more counterweights than the specs of the mount originally so I didn't think there was anything to fix.

I do now... 

It seems that there is a some positions that if I slew my mount there, it goes into an infinite "oscillation" mode. I can physically see the scope move back-and-forth a few millimeters about once a second, and it will keep doing that even if I stop tracking completely. It stops though if I park the mount in that position.

I'm running directly through the ASCOM driver v5.30.10 connecting via USB. (I'm still learning APCC). 

The mount firmware is VCP5-P02-08. The encoder firmware is A02-08.

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