Re: Initial GoTo In APCC Pro Cause Nose or Tail Dive


Aloha Roland and Ray,

  Haven't noticed anything unusual when using just the keypad.  It works fine.  No problem with initial gotos and no problems parking the mount.

  Yes I did init the mount first this morning via apcc only (haven't used the keypad this morning)

  The mount is acting lost when initialized via apcc.  Not sure if I was supposed to do this, but I just tried this.   I parked the mount at Park 3, pressed the 'find home' button and
parked the mount again.  Then pressed the 'load mount's ra/dec' button and then pressed the 'sync' button.  After doing all that, I disconnected from the mount, and shutdown apcc,
Then started everything back up, but unfortunately nothing changed.  The mount is still lost.

  Forgot to mention earlier.  After unparking from Park 3 and manually slewing the scope in DEC about 10 degrees (so that the scope is pointed to the East), the yellow counter weight up
notification illuminates in the driver window.  But, the 3d window shows the correct mount scope orientation.  

  Ray, I'll look for the log files and get those out to you (probably on google drive),  I just double checked the lat/long and time zone again in the driver and they're ok.  I also just saw the zipper
button in there.  Thanks for everything!!  And sorry for all the trouble and thanks for the quick reply (on Christmas Eve)...  :)


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