Re: Initial GoTo In APCC Pro Cause Nose or Tail Dive


Aloha Roland and All,

  ok, thanks!  I use to call gmt or utc time zulu (or just Z for short)  as in 22:00Z

  Well, I just noticed something new this morning (regarding the initial goto not working in apcc [no keyapd connected]).

  After connecting to the mount via apcc only (no keypad connected) and unparking, I tried some 'manual' slews, using the N S E W buttons in apcc.  Using the mouse, if I slew the mount
about 20 degrees in DEC (either N or S) and then stop slewing, the current DEC readout (both in apcc and in the driver window) will indicate 00 00 00.  However, while actually pressing
the left mouse button to slew a little more, the correct/current dec value will appear (while slewing and while holding down the left mouse button).  After stopping the slew (by releasing the
left mouse button), the current dec readout will revert back to indicate 00 00 00 again.  This is only occurring with the DEC axis, the RA axis seems to be ok (ie not lost)

  Parking the mount, pressing 'find home' fixes everything again.  I can manually slew the dec about 15 or 20 degrees (either N or S), release the mouse button, and the correct coordinates
are dispalyed in both apcc and in the dirver window.

  For some unknown reason, when connecting via laptop and apcc, the mount isn't keeping it's 'home position.'  It starts up lost (in the dec axis).  Wasn't sure if this was normal.

  It kind of seems like the mount is not initializing correctly with apcc  or if it's not retaining the correct home position (after disconnecting from the mount).  I might unistall both the driver
and apcc and then reinstall both and see if that helps.


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