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Karen Christen

That looks great, Tim!  I’d love to see a bigger version if you have a link. will limit the size of attachments, but you’re welcome to upload your image to the Photos section of the page and send a link to that, if you like. 




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Subject: [ap-gto] Mach2GTO first light #Mach2GTO


Hi everyone. 

My first post on here. Though I would share my first image 
with the Mach2. I’ve only had a few clear night since receiving it last week but was able to get some data on the hearth Nebula this is bicolor. Ha and OIII. As I didn’t have time to capture SII before bad weather.

So far the mount is doing great. I was able to get five minute exposures unguided with no problems. With just a quick 33 point model and it sitting on my deck! 

Takahashi FSQ106mm 
Optec OAG 
Ha 20x 20min exposures
OIII 18x 20min exposures

Karen Christen

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