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Roland Christen

As much as some of us like to complain, we here all rely on Windows computers to run our operation. Windows runs our design software, our testing hardware, our CNC machines, our accounting and office software, my imaging software etc etc. No way we could produce much of anything without this vital tool.

So I wish a Merry Christmas to all who work there, as well as all people on Earth, bar none (even the Grinches)
Kissing heart


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Thought I would share this about a week after the article was published.

There is a lot of talk on CN and here, and other places about how people dislike Microsoft or have disdain for Windows, and that is what it is. The old adage is that they are the Evil Empire.

This article puts a good spin on that moniker. They turned their meme Death Star on the largest security breach in history and obliterated their operation.

I did not see a single post here or on CN that gave the company props for that.  I know this isn't exactly AP-GTO related, but their software (mostly Windows) is berated here from time to time, so I thought it would be fair to share a good light, on what I think is a great company these days.

I hope you all are well this holiday season, and I hope the skies bring you some good fortune in the days to come.

Clear Skies!

Bill Long

Roland Christen

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