Re: Initial GoTo In APCC Pro Cause Nose or Tail Dive


Aloha All,

  Just looking at this time zone business.  The keypad takes a positive values for the time zone (8 in my case).  As a W was entered earlier to indicate that we are West of the prime
meridian.  I think there's another W in there now (the other W being for Winter)..  APCC takes either a positive or negative value for the offset.

  I just powered up the mount again with just the keypad (by itself) connected to the gtocp5.  The keypad has auto connect = yes, so it is initializing the mount.  The laptop and apcc are not connected
The mount unparks and starts tracking.  The initial goto (using just the keypad) works just fine

  The only issue I'm seeing (if it is an issue), is in apcc.  The only way I can get the initial goto to work in apcc, is by pressing the 'find home' button first and then execute the goto,
which is no big deal, thanks!


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