Re: Initial GoTo In APCC Pro Cause Nose or Tail Dive


Aloha All,

  Got the new ver of apcc installed.  The mount is still doing the same thing.  Plug in the power adapter, connected via ethernet, the drivers all connect ok, the
mount unparks automatically from Park 3, and starts tracking.  I enter the coordinates for Capella, press the goto button in apcc and the RA slews about 4 hrs (CW shaft pointed
slightly to the East). and the DEC wants to slew completely around to the south.

  So, I stop the slew.  Park it back to Park 3.  Click the 'find home' button, confirm that by clicking  'yes'  I think this causes the mount to unpark (which is ok).  Then do another
goto, and the mount slews to Capella.

  I thought the offset for the Pacific time zone is UTC -8  China is UTC +8    I'm not sure why the powers to be started using UTC instead of GMT (as in GMT -8).  Doesn't the offset convert
Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) to my Pacific local  If it's 2200 in Greenwich England, than it is 2200 - 8.00 hrs or 1400 here in NV...    UTC -7 during the summer    Thanks!


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