Re: Initial GoTo In APCC Pro Cause Nose or Tail Dive

Roland Christen

If that's in the keypad, a -8 puts you somewhere in India or China.


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Aloha Ray and Dominique,

  Oops, I'm using ver  I'll get the new version installed tonight.  The site location coordinates look good and the time offset is -8.00 for the Pacific time zone.
I'll double check the 'mount location' info in the "Site Tab" after installing the new version and re-connecting to the mount (via Ethernet).  I'm not connected to the mount right now

  What I meant about the keypad, was that I was using the keypad by itself (in stand alone mode with no laptop and no apcc).  As another test (for a goto), I powered up the mount with
just the keypad connected and all the initial gotos worked fine (no nose dive).  I haven't tried using both apcc and the keypad set to EXT yet. 

  I'll reply back after the update,  No big deal if I have to use the 'find home' button first in apcc.  Last night I was thinking that maybe the initial goto nose dives in apcc had to do with me
removing power every night.  Thanks!!



Roland Christen

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