Re: 10 inch f6.6 reflector on ap1100?

Robert Chozick

What about a 12.75 inch f 4.75 Newtonian on an 1100?  I also need to have it built as it is now a truss mount dob.  It should have a 15 inch tube, about 52 inches long and about 35-40 pounds. The mirror is a thin meniscus that is only about 8 pounds.   Or would a 1200 be better? 


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Would the mount handle it?
The 1100 mount would not even know it was there.
There are many coma correctors available for Newtonians, and you should be able to get good images over a full frame camera field.


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I have an 1100 on order and I have an old 10 inch f6.6 reflector with superb optics. I was thinking I might try imaging with it. Would the mount handle it?
At the moment it is a truss tube DOB. I would need to completely redesign the tube. Any suggestions here? Imaging would be with an asi6200 and filter wheel. I do realize I will need to drastically crop the photos but is there anyway to correct for the coma etc?

Roland Christen

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