Meridian Flip Feature Yet?


Hi Group,

I am using a 1600GTO. Just wondering if any of the latest software updates have included a Meridian Flip feature yet please (I haven't updated the firmware for about two years)? AP make elite mounts there is no question, but many other brands have had this feature for many years, it is industry standard, where you basically press one button and she flips. I'm not looking for a timely work around solution, such as trying to reset the meridian to trick the mount into flipping (that is clunky, time consuming and not user friendly if you require to do it a few times per night). I am looking for instantaneous functionality like many other brand mounts have built into them. I have to flip numerous times through the night and it is not because of the meridian (dome slit angle, power pole, observatory door, etc). Otherwise is there any software that can flip an AP mount please? Thanks in advance and have a great Xmas. 
Raymond D Palmer
Western Australia

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