Re: leveling the RAPAS on Mach2


Hi Christopher,

Thank you!  My tripod is the TAK wood tripod, which cannot be adjusted.  In the past few years, I put heavy TAK stuff on it and there were no stability issues.  Of course I don't put it on a very tilted ground to start with.  So here I am just looking for ways to overcome a tilt of a couple degrees.  (The TAK polar scope comes with a ring level on itself, so the tripod does not need to be leveled.)

I was never a fan of drift alignment, primarily because I am doing portable imaging and every minute under dark sky is precious. Every drift alignment method I had tried took too long.   (I know polar alignment can be done during twilight.  Unfortunately I live in the tropical region, where twilight is very short.)  On the other hand, in the past, a good alignment with a polar scope worked quite well and it took just one or two minutes each time.  Very often I see long term drift during guiding, but it's quite manageable as long as the mount can perform the guiding correction.  So here I am trying to see if I can do the same with Mach2 (unadjustable tripod, polar scope alignment, no drift).

I saw you live in Waikoloa.  Nice place.  I once lived in the Waikoloa village when I was a visiting astronomer at CFHT.  When I had time, I drove up to MKVIS and imaged there. I no longer live in Hawaii, but I came back to conduct MK summit observations from time to time. I really miss the sky there. When the pandemic is gone and when we are free to travel again, I want to come back to Hawaii and see the stars there, perhaps with our Mach2.




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