Initial GoTo In APCC Pro Cause Nose or Tail Dive


Aloha All,

  Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or missed a setting somewhere in APCC Pro.  Couldn't find anything in the documentation.  Anyway, after I start apcc, everything connects automatically, the mount unparks (from park 3) and starts tracking.  However, after manually enter a star's coordinates and pressing the 'goto button,' the mach2 mount always does a weird slew (where I have to manually stop it).  At this point I could execute a Park 3, and then press the 'find home' button and then the gotos will work.

  Seems like the only way to avoid this behavior, is to press the 'find home' button first and then do the goto.  Is this the correct procedure that everyone is using?  Just didn't understand why the mount is acting like it's lost, every time it's powered up and initialized via apcc. I think I also tried loading the mount's current ra/dec and then goto that, but that didn't work either.  I don't mind using the 'find home' button each time, I just don't want to break the mount!  :)

  The only reason all of this came up (and the only reason I started trying different goto methods),was because the same thing was happening in Stellarium.

  This isn't a problem with the keypad (with auto connect = yes).  I can power up, the mount will unpark, then I can go into the keypad's objects menu and do a goto without any problem.  Thanks and sorry if this is a repeat question!



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