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Terri Zittritsch

Hi Bill, thanks for letting me know.. I wish I would have found this on-line before I purchased because  once I have my mind set… as soon as I saw the ad I pulled the trigger.  I did search a bit and noticed people talking about the need for a big (68mm) tilt ring  in front of AOG (which I have with the used package I found).   Almost entirely the discussions I found were about vignetting, and not really high tilt.  I do know there is the potential for light leakage around the 68mm tilt ring so need to fix that, but should not be a big issue.  The guy I purchased from did suggest the Gerd  Neumann CTU if I wanted a better tilt system for small amounts of tilt because the tilt ring is hard to adjust for small amounts of tilt.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.   If I find it hard, I’ll get a Gerd Neumann CTU.    With all I have invested, donuts are unacceptable.  

I’d consider that much tilt, as your saying, a reason to return the camera.. wow.    Did you talk to Sam (I think that’s him at ZWO)?    Maybe he would have taken it back. 

I just purchased 2” Chroma filter set (3nm nb), but still waiting for the OIII which was just shipped.    I ordered my adapters from precise parts and will not get them till mid january.       

I wonder if there is any way for me to test this now?     Today I’m trying to wish the clouds away to get a view of the conjunction.    We have the Vermont pea soup over us even thought astrospheric says it should have been clear since 10am until around 5pm.       I’ve had one clear night in about 35 days.

I hope your skies are better!


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On my ASI6200 it was so severe that I had one triad of the Gerd Neumann CTU maxed out and still didn't have enough to fix that portion of the chip. In my book that is way too much tilt and looks more like sloppy QC (more likely complete lack of QC) on the manufacturers behalf.

I'm eyeballing that Apx60 from Atik. They have a process they follow to get their chips flat when they build their cameras. I suspect QHY does something similar as those have less users experiencing terrible tilt. 

All 5 cameras I've owned from ZWO have had massive tilt problems. Buyer beware.

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Significant tilt. The QHY600 may be better. Less users reporting issues with those.
Were you not able to adjust it out?   Can you say what significant is?


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