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Roland Christen

That does not sound good.
The main problem i see with the QHY cameras is the lack of a good filter wheel with off-axis guider capability. (unless I'm missing something)


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On my ASI6200 it was so severe that I had one triad of the Gerd Neumann CTU maxed out and still didn't have enough to fix that portion of the chip. In my book that is way too much tilt and looks more like sloppy QC (more likely complete lack of QC) on the manufacturers behalf.

I'm eyeballing that Apx60 from Atik. They have a process they follow to get their chips flat when they build their cameras. I suspect QHY does something similar as those have less users experiencing terrible tilt. 

All 5 cameras I've owned from ZWO have had massive tilt problems. Buyer beware.

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On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 11:02 AM, Bill Long wrote:
Significant tilt. The QHY600 may be better. Less users reporting issues with those.
Were you not able to adjust it out?   Can you say what significant is?


Roland Christen

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