Re: CDK 14 on a Mach 2? #Mach2GTO

Terri Zittritsch

So I'll provide a counterpoint here, but I would still listen to Roland's feedback.

I was thinking exactly the same thing as you, and that is, if it fits within the green zone of use conditions then it should be fair game.    I guess when looking at lesser built mounts that are built for a price rather than performance point, I'd be skeptical and maybe apply judgement to their specifications, but this is Astro-Physics, and I'd expect that if they spec and sell the mount to meet a performance window, than we can all take that to the bank so to speak.    Now maybe what we're seeing is that because of all of the experience here, these users know that you're not actually going to achieve a green-zone build with that scope and therefore will ultimately fall outside of the specification box, then it's good and helpful feedback.    Otherwise I'd like to know that I can use the mach2 within the specification window advertised.  That was a factor for purchasing the mount in the first place and I'd like not to be accused of under mounting a scope that fits in the A-P spec window.    I have the mach2, and the biggest scope I've used on it is an 11" edge and it works well.     

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