Re: CDK 14 on a Mach 2? #Mach2GTO


Over-mounting reasons are obvious.  I have typically run my Tak FSQ with 16803 camera, filter wheel, atlas focuser, guidescope on my AP 1200.  Not over-mounted by any means.  I can also carry my 155 edf and RHA 305 on the 1200 with no problem.  NO JELLO vibrations and damping time is zero.   A 1600 and Planewave 12.5 would be a great combination, and will support your 14 when you decide to upgrade.  In fact, the 1600 could probably carry the Planewave 17.5" as well and many do.  Over-mounting allows you flexibility like that.   But don't take my word for it.  Do a little research as to what the top imagers use.   


On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 12:30 PM <skester@...> wrote:
I knew the CDK 14 on the Mach 2 was probably a stretch, which is why I asked the question here. On the other hand why would I 'over mount' a scope and have capacity I will never use?   I was already planning to go with a CDK 12.5 rather than the 14, so the question was a theoretical one.

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