Re: M42 from my future observatory site

Bill Long

Yes, typo. QHY294-Pro. My cell phone likes to change things on me. 

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On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 03:10 PM, Bill Long wrote:
Looks great!
I had nothing but problems with my 6200 mono, but the smaller chip seems to be doing well. 
The new 4/3 mono with two different effective pixel sizes is really interesting. I picked up the QHY 284M Pro to check it out.
Hi Bill,
I think you are talking about the QHY294M-Pro. Some of us have received one, started testing it and wiping away the flaws of youth. Personally I use Sharpcap-pro and with the latest drivers. There are 2 modes, an 11M and a 47M an AD Sample Depth of 14bits in 11M and 12Bits in 47M. A test on NGC7635-M52 with my 130GT shows an advantage in oversampling the 47M mode.
The sky is not too much with us at the moment to make many and QHY still has some progress to make on the drivers in the 47M mode in the opinion of some.

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