Re: CDK 14 on a Mach 2? #Mach2GTO

Roland Christen

Weight is not the issue, it's moment arm. I think you're stretching it with that size.


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Subject: [ap-gto] CDK 14 on a Mach 2? #Mach2GTO

Based on the weight of the OTA + focuser/OAG/guider/FW of 55 lbs, outer diameter of 16" and a total length of 50", a CDK 14 would be well within the "Green" of the Mach 2 capacity chart in both RA and Dec.  However the recommendations I have seen on this forum often seem to be more conservative than the chart would suggest, so I thought I would as the experts directly.  Would a CDK14 be too much scope for a Mach 2?  I know most would recommend an 1100, but if the Mach 2 can handle it that would be my preference.

Roland Christen

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