One computer I can create a virtual port. Second computer says I have to buy a license for the activeX control (virtual port) for this computer. #APCC

Micheal Fields Jr

So I have two computers that I am setting up.  My main PC (desktop gaming system) and a little Mini pc.  On the little guy everything seems to work as it should.

ON the main PC system I have an issue where when I try to create a virtual port it has a pop up saying I need to buy a license for the virtual port software.  $139 for the cheap one.

I am trying to test out point mapping on my new Mach2 but haven't been able to yet because of that license requirement.

I uninstalled everything AP related and did a full re-install and nothing has changed.   So while my little PC seems to be working, I would like to be able to use my main PC while I am at home as it is more comfortable and quick and easier to work with.  (dual monitors and all that).

Anyone know what I am talking about and how to resolve this?  

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