Re: Balance helper by amp draw? #Mach2GTO

Bill Long

I use a FLI 16803 camera with Sharpcap and ASTAP to solve and it works perfectly. That is a much larger sensor. Some people with those QHY600/ASI6200 cameras have had issues with Sharpcap and have done one of two things to solve the problem:

  1. Install the 64 Bit version of Sharpcap
  2. Bin the camera 2x2 or 3x3 for the alignment.
Both work out fine. #2 doesnt act like a CCD does in terms of summing of pixels (it averages them) but will reduce the file size. With those CMOS you should turn the gain up to the HGC kick-on point for Sharpcap as well. Dont use it at Gain 0 and expect it to work well. :) 

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Because I was having issues with ASTAP doing the plate solve with sharpcap which is necessary for it to work.  I tried for over an hour with different settings and it continues to say that it can't solve. The one time I got it to solve I had to expose for 20 seconds and it told me to raise the altitude by quite a bit.  So I ran out there and cranked the knob to raise it up, re-did it. Fought another hour to get it to finally plate solve and then it told me I had barely made any difference.  Not the mount's fault of course but a combination of frustrating combinations of software and cameras.  At that point I gave up and moved on to another idea.

On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 01:11 PM, Bill Long wrote:
Sharpcap works wonderfully. Why not just use that? I use that to Polar Align for unguided imaging all the time. The residual error I get reported in APCC Pro after a sky model run proves out how good it is. No need for a Polemaster and no need for a RAPAS.

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I am trying not to buy more stuff than I need.  An RAPAS is great but unless someone gives me one I have no intention of spending $500.00 on something I'll only use one time.   

For example I did not buy the hand controller.  The reason I am asking these questions is that I am trying to do this in my back yard just to play around and learn the software before I take it all out and put it up in my observatory 2 hours drive away.   Would be super handy to have a polemaster or RAPAS but it is not something I'll need more than once.

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