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Robert Chozick

Because of the high humidity there was a lot of moisture in the air. Must of the subs had high thin clouds making the brighter portions glow. I left in some that messed up the brightest stars.  If not it would have been only 10 subs. I threw out 20 subs. By the time I stopped the sky was full of moisture  The new land is high bortle 2 with a ranking of 21.99 on the light pollution map. 


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Hello Robert,

Wonderful shot.  Just curious about the subs you threw out because of high humidity.  In what way were they so much worse than the others?

I have been eyeing the ASI12600, so I need to remain on the CFO's good side for a while yetEmoji



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I am buying some property in West Texas and this is my first light.  I have not purchased yet and just went out there with my portable setup one night.  I lost most of my subs as the humidity was 90 percent but I managed to use about  an hours worth.  I did get shorter exposures for the various parts of the nebula.  I will redo this later with 4 or 5 hours of exposure.  I really love my 16 bit CMOS ASI2600.  It is a great camera.


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