Re: Balance helper by amp draw? #Mach2GTO

Woody Schlom



Makes sense.  And I agree.  For a permanent installation, PEMPro would be sufficient.  And although I don’t know, it might have come bundled with your new mount.  And if not, a CCD Drift PA procedure is free and “should” only be necessary once or twice a year.  Here in So. Cal. we’ve got these things called earth quakes that can mess up permanent PA every now and then.


Have fun!




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I am trying not to buy more stuff than I need.  An RAPAS is great but unless someone gives me one I have no intention of spending $500.00 on something I'll only use one time.   

For example I did not buy the hand controller.  The reason I am asking these questions is that I am trying to do this in my back yard just to play around and learn the software before I take it all out and put it up in my observatory 2 hours drive away.   Would be super handy to have a polemaster or RAPAS but it is not something I'll need more than once.

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