AP1200 CP3 v2 chip error message - Low Power


Hello all,
I logged in to my remote system this morning and there was an error message in APCC saying that a fault had triggered because of low power. It was pretty cold last night (around -7C), but I would imagine that it is not that cold for an AP mount to show me that error (I have been at this observatory for the past 5 years now and never have had anything stop because of low temps). I can still power the mount, it is just that the error message keeps popping up. Recycling the power has not worked so far.

Anyone has insight in to why this may be?

Am I looking at a bad PSU or a bad CP3?

I will be asking my observatory manager to see if he can power the mount from a different PSU, but that will probably have to wait till I can have him go to the observatory.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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