Re: CP4 vs CP2 motor stalls?


Hi Tom,

There are several things you can look at:
- Do you know what version of CP4 software you have?  There have been a few changes related to stall over the years.
- Are you using the same power source as you did with the CP2?  And, is that power source adjustable? It is possible that a little higher input voltage will help the system to maintain the slew speed.
- Is the CP4 slewing at the same rate as the CP2?  The slew rate can be reduced to reduce stall occurrences at a given input voltage.
- Gear mesh can have a dramatic affect on the motor loading, make sure it's not too tight. See  600EGTO - Adjustments to Remove Worm Gear Backlash,
 at  It also discussed mesh.

Mike Hanson

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