Loss of connection from APCC Pro to other applications


APCC Pro and V2 Driver lose connection to the mount, which means Cartes du Ciel and PHD2 lose connection.  This has occurred unpredictably. 

The mount continues to track, but the lack of guiding is just enough to throw off the images. 

Closing and re-starting APCC allows re-connection to CdC and PHD2 easily.  However, I finally got tired of the hassle and am seeking insight.

Zipped logs attached.  The problem occurs in the the APCC log at step 0341671 time stamp 2020-12-16  19:23:20.100

I typically run starting with an object in the east, CW up so I can image for several hours without a flip.

1100 (non-AE) with a CP4, no hand control.  Connection via Ethernet (UDP).  This has occurred both before and after APPM model implementation (which works great!).  I have checked the Cat 5e cable several times and cleaned the contacts with electrical contact solvent.

Let me know if other info would be helpful.


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