Re: Guiding on my plate again - NEED TO IMPROVE

Dale Ghent

On Dec 13, 2020, at 22:54, wrote:

Well I'll be the contrarian :)
Please don't be. I understand quite well where Ray is coming from on this. I often have to play support agent for other apps and hardware, both free and commercial, because the first place the user sees an error or issue that stems from such underlying systems is presented in the app I work on. So the first place they end up seeking help is our forum and, for some reason, the user will often think that we can somehow render better support than the vendor they purchased the gear from or the producers of the other application. It's a real distraction. PHD2 has its own support venue for a purpose and their developers pay close attention to it, thus PHD2 mysteries can best be resolved, or at least triaged, there.

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