Re: Guiding on my plate again - NEED TO IMPROVE

Roland Christen

I'm not well versed in PHD2, so I can't really analyze and recommend different setting. I can, however, see if the mount itself has a mechanical issue by looking at the guider graph showing both axes response to the guide pulses and directions.

So, if the issue is a bad setting in the guider program, i don't have the expertise. If the issue is that one of the axes is not responding, then I know how to fix it. The fact that there is periodic error on the order of 5 to 7 arc seconds is a red herring. It has absolutely no effect on guide accuracy and it isn't worth pursuing if the problem is in the Dec axis.

I can help, but only if people are willing to provide information such as guide graph screen shots showing the problem.


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i sure dont see where any "yelling' was done. that analysis is a bit harsh.  I too was confused by your typo DEC/PEC and that set the stage for some confusion in an already tricky and complex problem.  Brian's analysis is however quite complete and educational for all to see.  Thanks Brian.  This is a great problem solving thread. 

Roland Christen

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