Re: Guiding on my plate again - NEED TO IMPROVE

Roland Christen

Sorry, you lost me completely.


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right (PEC not on dec) but that's why I turned off DEC to see the RA pattern posted above? 
But lets do it. I have PEM pro and have never properly used it. Maybe I can get step by steps over several nights.
QUESTION:  if I am guiding (on a star) and I click RECORD PEC in APCC pro... Will it record a decent PEC that I can then enable and use?
If yes, I have to be on a star? or can I just let it run?   I have pem pro V3 
Disengaging the worm gears and moving the mount doesn't chance PEC?
last calibration
It seems to downsize these into oblivion. if I ATTACH will it leave them alone?
My PA after guiding assistant was at 0.0 to 0.3 arc sec then back to 0.0

Roland Christen

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