Guiding on my plate again - NEED TO IMPROVE

Ron Kramer

Have you found multistar to be better? I tried it and didn't see any improvement.  My guiding has been poor for months then GREAT for months then back to poor since I got the Mach1
I've solved my other issues and guiding is back on my plate. 

My guiding went from .79 to 1.8 during the night. .  = (    I just can get it to settle down.  DEC goes WILD for seemingly no reason.  I went out and redid PA... and really got it close but no help.

My history - Mach1 came... - lousy guiding at about 1.2 - after months to trials - it just turned to great. YEAH like  0.23  -0.28 great for months.

Then turned to crap again and It now fluctuates at .8 to 1.8 mostly hovering around 1.05I had other issues with the RASA to solve. I'm good now on it... so the final thing to tune... guiding again

I do drive by shootings where I stop click one frame and move to the next. This one was of those last night. more often I have elongated stars = (


300 seconds - ASI094, RASA 11, Mach1 and NINA @ 100 gain.

just stretched no calibration frames.  I don't play that.

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