Multiple APCC Installations #APCC


A quick question...

I operate an 1100GTO and years ago purchased APCC Pro, though I currently do not have it installed. I may very well decide to install it in the future for that mount on a new computer dedicated to that mount. That new computer never had APCC installed.

My Mach2GTO will (hopefully) arrive in a week or two and will come with another APCC Pro license. I plan to install it on the existing computer that I will now use dedicated to this new mount. The existing computer previously had a copy of APCC Pro on it but doesn't now.

So I have purchased two copies of APCC Pro and have two computers each dedicated to a mount. I have the same email address registered in each case.

Question: is this going to cause a problem? Can I install one copy on each computer? Will I need to register a different email address, or can the same email address have multiple licenses.



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