Re: [ap-ug] Hanging 10 at Waikiki


Aloha Rolando and all,

  Goofy foot means your right foot is up front (ie towards the nose of the board).  Your left foot is in the back (towards the tail).  With
a little more of your weight placed on the back foot (at least on a short board, not sure about that when using a long board)

  Regular footed means just the opposite.  Your left foot is forward (closest to the nose of the board).  That is how I used to surf (and now snowboard).
Unfortunately, I'm in my 60s also, and surfing seems to be more of a challenge as I can't get up quick enough (plus there's no waves here in Nevada)!

  I don't think it really matters much which stance you use just as long as you feel comfortable in your stance.  Just don't drop in on the locals (when they're
already on the wave), otherwise you might get the 'stink eye' !!  :)  In either case I hope you got some good waves and I'm sure you found out surfing is a great workout!!


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