Re: Mach2 Wifi problems #Mach2GTO #WiFi


Hi, 130FeetDeep,
It is safe to say that SkySafari 6 Pro and Plus work properly with the Mach2 and the CP5 (given my setup) but certain conditions can create WiFi drop outs. However, I found no fault with the CP5 WiFi. That was what I tried to explain with that very long winded-post.

Also, you CANNOT run the Mach2 with just SkySafari. The mount needs first needs to be initialized (or started, woken up, unparked) via APCC or the keypad. And you CANNOT park the Mach2 with SkySafari.

But once the mount is up and running, SkySafari works nicely. I used it last night at my remote dark-sky and had no WiFi issues or dropouts at all. I keep just one Wifi connection (my phone) to the mount. I turn off my laptop Wifi so can't connect and interfere. My previous problems popped up when my iPhone's lock-screen kicked in, which disconnects it from the mount. If another device (like a laptop) is also talking to the mount, SkySafari would not let my iPhone back in. I've concluded that this is most likely a SkySafari issue, and not a CP5 issue.

I did see some talk about USB cables interfering with the WiFi, but I could not replicate that issue. During my imaging session last night, two USB cables ran guide and imaging cameras. The cables were quite close the the WiFi antenna. I had absolutely no WiFi communication issues for my 4-hour session.



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