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Cygnus Hunter

This will be my first post, and is unfortunately because I need some assistance.  I thank you for all of the great posts, as they are the reason that I haven’t needed to post.  I apologize a head of time if this has been covered and I happened to have missed it.

I have an AP 1600 with encoders and gtocp4, located in a permanent observatory. Just last night I noticed that my mg box v2 was not connecting on appc pro start up.  I scanned everything and notice that my com21 and com22 virtual ports were missing in the bottom view of acc pro, and in their place was com3 and com4. I have no idea why 21 &22 were replaced with 3 & 4, and assume this created a conflict for the mg box.  I looked in the device manager and still see com21 and com22 under com ports, and they showed to be virtual ports. If I look in the virtual ports tab in acc pro it shows com3 and 4 there.  If I do the pull down port menu where you would create a virtual port, com21 and com22 are not options there. The port choices go from com20 to com23. 21 & 22 are not options to create a new com port, I assume because they already exist in the device manager. I am not sure how to get back up on com21 com22 for my virtual ports.

‘I don’t know how long it has been doing this, as I haven’t paid attention since everything still connected as normal. I recently updated the ascom to the new SP1.  

any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help!

Todd DeGidio

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