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Woody Schlom



I think “Goofy Footed” means left handed, left footed.  I’ve only body-surfed so don’t know about these things first-hand (or first-foot), but I’m pretty sure a Goofy Footed surfer is a leftie.  And I further suspect that left-footed surfers put the opposite (“goofy”) foot forward.  So are you a leftie – like me?


On the other hand, perhaps celestial surfers should always point their dominant foot to True North – so they’re properly aligned?  Yikes.




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Goofy foot in the right position.

How's that? Where should the foot be pointing?





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Great photo. Would have never guessed you were in your 60's when the photo was taken. Goofy foot in the right position. -Best, Robert

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Ok, you guys asked for it, here it is. Rolando hanging on for dear life with all 10 toenails dug into a longboard with Diamond Head in the background.




Roland Christen

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