Re: Possible to install the RAPAS + RAPM2 on the left side of the #Mach2GTO RA axis ? #Mach2GTO

Harley Davidson


The left side of the Mach2 mount does not have any tapped holes to receive the RAPM2. The Mach2 mount comes with the proper tapped holes only on the right side (as viewed from the rear) and shown in my video. BUT, if it did have tapped holes on the left an adapter would need to be made for the left side as the RAPM2 only works on the right.


On 12/6/2020 3:45 PM, Seb@stro wrote:
Hello everyone,

I was watching Tony's (aka Harley Davidson) latest and much useful videos about his new Mach2 (lucky guy, mine is scheduled for delivery in January) and one of them (ref. made me wonder if it was possible to install the RAPAS+RAPM2 on the left side of the RA axis with the same adapter or say a left-sided version of the RAPM2.

I would find it more practical and comfortable to use my right eye when polar aligning (me being right-handed as well). I therfore wouldn't have to rotate the scope 90 degrees prior to PA, saving a few seconds / minutes more while I setup (I'm mobile most of the time).

Anyway, I think it would be a nice additional feature to be able to choose which side suits you best if it isn't already possible...


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