Re: Upgrade Scope Suggestions for Imaging

Bruce Donzanti

Thanks for the info, Bryan.  This is very helpful.

On Mon, Dec 7, 2020 at 10:11 AM Worsel via <> wrote:

All PW Corrected Dall-Kirkhams come with a manual Hedrick focuser, but PC control of the focuser, including temperature compensation is about an added $1000US.  You can add that at a later date.

AG Optical DKs come with an Optec TCF-3Si.  I have a 14.5" AGOS.

Because of the fixed primary and spherical secondary, Corrected Dall-Kirkhams are relatively easy to collimate and hold collimation well.

The following is only pertinent if you have similar situation at your location.

I have a friend with a PW 12.5, which is a closed tube OTA. He gets great images from it.  However, he lives below a mesa top in western Colorado.  He gets katabatic winds (drainage flow from the cold mesa top downslope) that significantly impacts his seeing much of the time.  Also some vibration impacts unless the OTA happens to be pointed directly into or directly away from the wind.  The bigger PW OTAs are all open truss as are the AG Optical Dall-Kirkhams and many RCs.


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