Re: APPM Plate Solving Alternatives (again)

Dale Ghent

On Dec 6, 2020, at 13:10, Xentex <> wrote:

That made me think, if the REST API is how APPM is doing plate solves through SG Pro, I don't actually need SG Pro. I can just create a REST wrapper for ASTAP that uses the same protocol (which SG Pro documents well enough).

Has anyone else ever looked down this path?

Going a step further, given that NINA is open source the thought occurred to me to cobble something together for NINA. That might be more trouble than it's worth since my understanding is I'd probably have no other reason to run APPM and NINA at the same time. But to the extent anyone else wanted to benefit from this approach, they wouldn't have to install a separate wrapper written by some random dude on the internet.
Hey, a NINA dev here :)

I've considered the same - just making a wrapper program that listens on the SGPro API server TCP port and speaks the commands needed to solve an image via ASTAP (or other solver). This plus ASCOM Camera in APPM itself would decouple APPM from requiring a large surrogate app like SGPro or TSX (which is what I've been using to build models).

Users of 10um mounts are in a similar situation, only their modeling program can call ASTAP directly, it does not talk to cameras in any way - it also relies on having SGPro available to it to operate a camera. One NINA dev has such a mount and he has implemented a subset of the SGPro API in NINA to service this purpose. I am in the process of adding the API endpoints that APPM needs (the solving parts) to it. But....

But with Ray's announcement here that direct ASTAP support will be in the next major release of APPM, that makes APPM a self-suffiicient app that doesn't rely on "heavy" external software to do any part of its imaging or solving, and we can now just have APPM and ASTAP installed, and that's it! Good news. Not sure if this means I'll finish my SGPro endpoint work or not, as the NINA devs are unanimous in that we would rather put such API energies into our own design.


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