Re: Multi-star guiding

Terri Zittritsch

Your skies must be way better than mine, or the multi-star aspect of the Maxim guiding somehow average out the seeing across  the three stars for you.    I need to read up on this to understand how it takes advantage of the multiple stars and my guess is some kind of averaging which can filter out seeing to some extent. 
I just picked up a full frame 60mp ASI camera with filterwheel and OAG.    I plan to try the OAG but have had limited success in the past.  I do have a lodestar which is the guide camera I'd use with this kind of setup due to its sensitivity.     I really enjoy the flexibility and FOV fo the guidescope, but maybe I have some amount of error as a result of the differential flex.    The precision movement of the mach2 makes it a joy to use.


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