Re: Capacity check on AP 1100

Christopher Erickson

I think it will be fine as a fun experiment. It won't be as rigid as it was before, but that's to be expected. And if you don't like the setup enough to make it a permanent solution,  you can always easily revert back to your previous configuration and you will have the tandem setup that could be re-deployed in just a few minutes.

Quite often I use 2-scope and even 3-scope tandem bars when doing solar outreach. Makes it a lot of fun to compare white-light filters with h-alpha and calcium-k views, for example. Or monocular views with binoviews.

When setting up a tandem scope config, I use a pencil on the floor to find the balance points of the various equipment combinations and assemblies and then mark them with a small bit of tape or an adhesive dot that I can use for a reference when mounting stuff up on the mount.

-Christopher Erickson
Observatory engineer
Waikoloa, HI 96738

On Thu, Dec 3, 2020, 11:16 AM David Enck <davidenck@...> wrote:
Hello AP Folks,

My last post was mentioning adding a refractor  to my AP 1100 to go along with my 14 in Meade LX850 67 lb SCT. After adding up all the  additional weights of the refractor and side by side configuration from the ADM  rails and saddles, it will put my  total weight at about 110 #'s give or take a couple  depending on eyepieces..

Will this be ok, as in not affect  my guiding and  such  as long as it is all balanced out  correctly? I use and off axis guider when  doing  any photography. 

Thank you for your advice!


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