Re: Additional Options for storing the RAPAS,CP and Counterweights

thefamily90 Phillips

You guys are too organized for me! Lol!!


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Subject: [ap-gto] Additional Options for storing the RAPAS,CP and Counterweights
Following Tony's (Harley Davidson) lead showing what he uses to store his mount accessories, here is what
I came up with.

For the RAPAS and CP3/4/5 and cables I use a Caseling hard case purchased from Amazon: Caseling Universal Electronics/Accessories Hard Travel Organizer Carrying Case Bag, 9.8” x 5.6”x 2.8” - Black: Computers & Accessories

For my Keypad, also from Amazon: BUBM 3pcs/set Padded Travel Office Cord Cable Gear Organizer Electronics Accessories Bag Gadget Carry Pouch Electrical Cord Management: Office Products
I had a bit of a problem finding a case just large enough to fit the keypad without severely bending the strain relief until I came across this one. It comes with a total of 3 cases, the largest being the one I used. The two smaller ones are good for other odds and ends.

Lastly for the counterweights I use two Neoprene cases sold Track the Stars for their Panther mount. The cases fit the AP weights perfectly. I cut up circular pieces of Polyethylene foam to use as dividers and prevent the weights from banging into each other. Each one hold two weights, 18lb and/or 10lb,5lb.

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