Re: Change Mount COM Port

Mike Dodd

On 12/1/2020 9:28 AM, dang.astro wrote:
Thanks Mike for the reply,

When I go the solar guider settings, it only has a single Port listed
which is the same one the mount uses.

I plugged the solar guider into
another USB port on my laptop but it keeps showing up as COM Port 5 and
no other COM ports are listed.
Try this:
1. Turn on the mount and plug the USB-serial dongle for it.

2. Open Control Panel->Device Manager->Ports COM and LPT (see attached screen shot).

3. You should see COM5 listed.

4. Now plug the Solar Guider into a USB port. How does the list of ports change in Device Manager?

I don't know anything about the Solar Guider. Is it a camera with its own USB cable? If so, then Device Manager should show a new port when you plug that cable.

*** If it does not, then your laptop does not recognize that device. In that case, you probably need to install a Solar Guider device driver.

Do you see any message in the Windows System Tray (lower-right) when you plug the Solar Guider? That could be a clue that the device driver is missing. Or perhaps Device Manager shows a new port with a yellow question mark that indicates the device is not working.

As far as I know, Device Manager should display a port for every USB cable plugged into the PC. If it does not -- and only the mount's COM5 port is shown -- that explains why the Solar Guider software is choosing COM5. You need to get Solar Guider's port to show up.

--- Mike

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