Re: Change Mount COM Port

Mike Dodd

On 12/1/2020 7:36 AM, dang.astro wrote:

Maybe this isn't an AP question but hoping someone here would know...
My CP4 connects to my laptop via a usb-serial adapter and shows up as
COM Port 5. Is there a way to change the COM Port number to something
That depends on the type of USB-serial adapter. My Edgeport USB-serial box lets me specify what port to use, but Control panel -> Device Manager on my Windows 8.1 machine doesn't.

When I try to plug in something else (in my case a solar guider)
to my laptop it also wants to connect to COM Port 5. Not sure why it's
trying to use the same Port
That sounds like an application setting. All the software I use has a setting that allows me to specify the COM port to use. This is saved in the app's configuration, so it always uses that port.

I suggest first checking your solar guider settings; then you'll know why it's trying to connect to a specific port.


--- Mike

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