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Hi Andrea

In my experience APPM does not work that way at all, but it's much easier. You define a set of points in the sky, run the model, sit back and it finishes. You only get one shot at the model (there isn't an incremental way to build it [yet?]).

it's very easy and you can see a graphical representation of your model as you tweak the settings but before you commit to it.

On Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 12:04 PM Andrea Lucchetti <andlucchett@...> wrote:
I am going to use APPM, and I have experience with tpoint.

In Tpoint you can define a set of points close together to quickly start with the corrections and then continue on more distant points.

I wonder if this is feasible in APPM:

-set an initial group of points
-define subsequent groups of points , that enter the models
-define the points by azimuth and altitude.

Not that this is strictly needed , it is just that I am used to this way of working and want to leverage on my experience if possible.
Thank you


Brian Valente

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